To her many fans she is simply known as Shopcat. But Tuesday, aka Purrl Nightingale, aka Shopcat, is our humble company's feline matriarch.

We operate both for and at the pleasure of this iron willed Felis Domesticus. From what little is known of her humble beginnings, it is assumed she was born of our light blue building located at 1347 West Broad Street in Athens Georgia, which today houses Satisfactory. A scrappy street smart kitten of the night who knew no rules or laws, armed with only her sharp claws, a mean left hook and unrelenting will to survive.

At ten years old, she has most definitely earned what some may consider her comfortable lifestyle. But appearances can be deceiving. As Tuesday has matured into an elegant monarch, she has remained strong in her convictions, demanding a streamlined production schedule and tuna treats. If you encounter her, feel free to offer a respectful chin-scratch, but fanatics beware, Tuesday does not suffer fools gladly and will reprimand you for treating her with familiarity in an attempt to pick her up.

If visiting Satisfactory, you may also be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Tuesday's errant son, Gorgeous George. Visiting once a day to mew incessantly for food and flee when anyone approaches him, he is of the nervous sort. His mother is usually not amused by this flighty and nervous nature and so regards him from a loving distance.

Finally, as the great Bob Barker has said many a time, "please remember to get your pets spayed or neutered."